About us

Welcome to Tale Twilights. I'm Viktor, the founder of this initiative, and my journey to helping parents and their children is rooted in my own experiences.

My childhood was challenging and fraught with difficulties. I struggled with traumas, lack of self-confidence, and internal weaknesses that followed me into adulthood. It took me four years of intensive self-work with meditation, self-development, and self-help tools to overcome these hurdles. And even with this progress, I know that the journey of development never ends.

This experience has shown me how crucial it is for children to receive proper support and guidance from the beginning. Therefore, at Tale Twilights, we focus on educating parents. We want to show you that you hold your child's destiny in your hands. A happy and healthy childhood can alleviate many of the future challenges that children may face in adulthood.

Our mission is to provide parents with the tools and knowledge to raise their children in the best possible way. We want parents to be able to teach their children about self-confidence, resilience, and positive thinking - all key skills that support healthy development and a happy life.

Tale Twilights is not just about engaging stories; it's about providing valuable lessons that can shape the future of children. Whether you're a parent seeking direction or a child craving adventure, our world of stories and wisdom is here for you.

With warm regards,

Viktor and the Tale Twilights Team.